Yesterday I noticed Movable Type has a function that allows searching of individual
commenters’ posts, but it also has a side benefit of telling how many posts
have been entered under that same name. So, just for the pure unadulterated geekiness
of it, I compiled list of the most-frequent commenters at Two-Heel Drive. Here’s
the breakdown:

67 Steve Sergeant — Man, myth,
legend, podcaster.
47 Dropkick — Montantan, frequent poster at Hiking
; hasn’t commented here in a couple months.
42 Cyberhobo — Thu-hiker, techie,
Colorado hill haunter, uuber map geek.
42 Fedak — Bay Area techie, has hiked
everywhere in California worth hiking.
40 Dan Mitchell — San Jose
picture taker, music teacher, backpacker.
26 Andy Howell
UK lightweight backpacker, master of The Challenge.
26 Winehiker
— Russ Beebe, master of fine wines, excellent campfire cook.
19 LinK — Kanhong Lin, a San Jose State student who hasn’t been seen
in several months.
18 Jonathan — Weekend blogger
and Two-Heel Drive early adopter who hasn’t been seen in a long, long time.
16 Cutter — Southeast camper,
Web guru, leader of Boy Scout hikes.
15 Climb_CA
— Sultan of snark, GoBlog honcho, doting daddy.
14 Gambolin’ Man — Berkeley
wordsmith and educator type (has many more comments at Busy Being Born).
13 Cynthia
— Scientist, techie, shutterbug, Henry Coe hiker.
12 DSD
Canadian mountaineer, painter of stones, philosopher.
11 Mark Nelson — Oregon
Ski patroller, river raft guider, photographer.
10 Little Po — Adventurer, backpacker,
ice climber.
10 Rick McCharles — Best hike
scouter, global traveler, gymnastics coach.
9 Don C. — Hiker, backpacker, spreader of good cheer.
9 Justin — My Outdoor Adventures
guy, hunter, National Parks worker.
8 Randy — Bay Area hiker, backpacker, who needs to start his own blog.

7 Trout Underground
Shasta copywriter, fly fisherman, blogging fiend.
7 Carolyn H.
New York cabin dweller, wildlife watcher, thru-hiker, blogger.
6 Bob Coomber — 4wheelbob, outdoorsman,
6 Kevin (Bastish) — Hiker, camper,
backpacker, photographer in Japan.
6 Jesse Gunderson — Created
a cool blog called Treknologies that seems to be in mothballs now.
6 Josh Wilkins — Keeper of, social worker.
6 Scott — An American living in Austria I haven’t heard from in quite
6 Norcalhiker — Possible longtime reader; could be multiple folks using
same name.
5 Rebecca — Backpacking gear
tester, hiker, snowcamper.
4 Tom Clifton — Geologist,
techie, hiking meet-up regular, photographer.
4 Wade — Tennessee adventurer, co-founder.
3 Kurt Repanshek
— Freelance writer, National Parks blogger.