Last year it was all about there being too damn much snow in the high country; this year it’s about there not being enough:

The California Department of Water Resources conducted its fourth survey of the Sierra snowpack for the 2006-2007 snow season this morning and found that the amount of water in the statewide snowpack is at 46 percent of normal levels, with the Northern Sierra snowpack recording higher levels than the Central and Southern Sierras. March is traditionally the wettest month in the Sierras but not this year.

“Instead of seeing an increase of five or six inches in March, we lost eight or nine inches. That’s a pretty bleak month,” DWR Snow Section Chief Frank Gehrke said in a statement.

More California snow level facts here.

I’m guessing this’ll mean a lot fewer snow margaritas this summer for those who venture out into the hills. Might also mean “regular” streams will be dry, so it’ll be that much more of a necessity to check w/the rangers about water levels before you head out.