I saw this post at gadling.com talking up these bowls made of “food-grade silicone” that can be pressed flat but pop back into their original shape. Great for backpacking, the post notes, but forgets the Question Which Must Be Answered on Every Backpacking-Related Post: how much does the damn thing weigh?

This page notes the largest bowl — capacity 16 ounces — weighs 3.3 ounces. Which doesn’t sound so much but remember: 4 ounces is quarter pounder! So even though the Squishies are undeniably cool, they’ve got nothing, weightwise, on the fold-flat Orikaso bowl, which weighs about 1 ounce and forces you to learn how to fold it into that funky shape; once you’ve got that down, a Rubik’s cube is child’s play.

The Squishies are supposed to go on sale in April.