So has been around since, like, forever in Internet time, but the Detroit Free Press just found out about it a couple weeks back.

The Madison Heights-based outdoor retailer offers advice to lovelorn customers every day. Moosejaw also wants to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with you and find out what you like for lunch.

This is a store that sells kayaks.

From the hundreds of random quips in its mail-order catalog to the constant conversation the retailer has with its usually young customers, 14-year-old Moosejaw has built an outrageous personality that aims to take the seriousness out of buying tents, sweatshirts and, yes, kayaks.

Have to admit I find the goofy stuff kinda cool, but I can’t say it’s ever induced an urge to buy stuff from their Web site.

I do have to give them credit for the fabulous babes in their ads, though. I’m still waiting for Casey at Modern Hiker to turn in the assignment I gave him a few months back — to create a Girls of post — or, better yet, a calendar!. (I’m thinking the main reason we never see supermodels on the trail is either a) dirt ruins their pedicures; or b) forests are too far from their heroin dealers).

All juvenile joshing aside: Internet outdoor retailers are taking a bite out of local businesses that sell gear.