Everybody’s watching the Falcon Cam!

The falcons are a nesting pair named Jose and Clara, and they’ve just had new babies hatch over the weekend. The last time I looked, one of the parents was wiggling and nudging the brood back into the warmth and safety of the nest; one of the babies seemed determined to get a look at was happening out in the world.

I had some difficulties getting the video player to work on my Mac platform (it seems to like Safari, however); the link may require installing some plugin and other technical annoyances but it’s worth the trouble.

The falcons (of the peregrine variety) Picked a high ledge at the City Hall for their nest because it was protected from the wind, and the

Here’s the City Hall complex:

City Hall plaza

The peregrines like this location because it has an ample supply of pigeons, which they prey (and dine) upon.