Michelle Waitzman, author of “Sex in a Tent: a Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature,” writes many odes to sleeping under a thin layer of nylon in her blog. Based in New Zealand, she’s plugged in to the latest trends, among them, “glamping“:

From the looks of the article, this new term is a tactic to get more women interested in camping holidays. If it sounds fabulous and decadent, supposedly women will like it more. As a non-glam camper, I actually find that a bit offensive. I’m perfectly happy to cook my own meals, carry my own gear and get to the beautiful vistas on my own power, thanks. I don’t need to pay someone else hundreds of dollars per day to make it easier on me.

Hey, if it separates people from their money, I’m all for it. There’s no earthly reason for letting dollars collect dust in an IRA, after all, and who says kids need a college education, anyway?

Michelle points out that hiring people to haul all your stuff and cook all your meals is no guarantee things’ll go your way out in nature … in fact, you could find yourself in very deep doo-doo if you get separated or lost and somebody else knows where you’re supposed to be going.

(Thanks to WhiteSpider in the UK for the link.)