From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

An evening bike ride in the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park turned perilous for a local couple Monday when the woman rode off an 80-foot cliff and her husband plummeted nearly as far trying to rescue her.

Nisene Marks has excellent hiking trails, but you do have to keep an ear out for approaching mountain bikers when you’re on the old fire roads.

The mountain bikers crashed about three miles from the kiosk at the entrance of the park and, once they were discovered, people hiking nearby gathered to help. Two bystanders, including a Santa Cruz city park ranger, hiked up the creek bed from the Mill Pond Trail to provide first aid to the couple while they waited for rescuers.

Nice to see there were people around on a Monday evening, and that the hiker types helped out (I’ve never met a hiker who wouldn’t, actually).

Ever help out on a rescue like this? Chime in and share with the rest of us.