Melissa and I stopped by Uvas Canyon County Park for a few hours on Sunday. I wanted to see if there was any water in the waterfalls. There was, but not much. The pix:

A bridge in the woods

A bridge near the beginning of the Falls Loop.

One little waterfall

About the best of the bunch: I shot this with the shutter speed turned way down … and got lucky, considering it was hand-held.

Admiring a view of the woods

Melissa admires the woods. Uvas is one of the few cool and shady parks in the far South Bay.

Trees reflected in the creek

A reflection shot available only when there’s still water in the creek.

Melissa in the woods

More of Melissa in the woods.

Leaves, sky

I’m starting to like these kinds of shots better than dead-tree pix.

Bit o' fall color

Who says we never have any fall color around here?

Big ol' fungus

Now that is one major mushroom.

By the way, I’m on vacation the next two weeks with no plans beyond finding cool places to hike that I haven’t seen already. This should yield a few midweek hike write-ups.