Remember how I said I was on vacation this week? Well, I did have an itch to see if any fire damage was evident at Henry Coe State Park. Bottom line: yeah, if you walk a long, long way. Melissa and I did the Coe Monument-Frog Lake-Flat Frog loop on Sunday and saw no evidence of fire at all — only the bulldozer tracks on Hobbs Road.

I did a more vigorous hike on Monday via Middle Steer Ridge to Wilson Peak and down to Grizzly Gulch Trail, which I followed down to the Coyote Creek entrance and road-walked a couple miles back to the parking lot.

Trail closures notice

The list of trail closures is noted above.

The rest of my Flickr photo set is here. If you scroll through you’ll see a long zoom pic of a distant ridge taken from Willson Peak — it looks sorta gray but I can’t say for sure that there’s any burn damage.

Sane dayhikes from the HQ and Hunting Hollow should be fairly free of burn damage. Getting deeper into the park at places like Mississippi and Coit lakes is out of the question for now.