It was only a matter of time till somebody stole Winehiker Russ’s idea:

Wine Country Trekking anticipates customers will come from two primary markets. Those who have enjoyed inn-to-inn hiking holidays in Europe and abroad can now enjoy them in the United States. “Also, baby boomers like us, who still want an active vacation but no longer want to rough-it, are a target audience,” said Sheila Taylor. “We have designed vacations that we would love to take ourselves.”

Although there are several companies offering Bay Area and Wine Country tours, including walking tours, Wine Country Trekking is the first to offer self-guided inn-to-inn hiking vacations. This format enables people to travel with their own family or friends, not strangers. Wine Country Trekking provides a complete itinerary with custom maps and trail notes, makes all arrangements, and transports luggage between inns. The travelers are free to enjoy their own flexible schedule without tour groups or buses.

This was actually a stroke of genius: letting the walkers guide themselves — saves the cost of a guide and everything. Ditto the no-stranger walking. They might, like, fart or something and who wants that while enjoying nature?

Only reason I posted this was a chance to scoop Russ, the one true California wine hiker