Rick at Best Hikes had this one the other day: Hiking Trip Reports.

My name is Scott Thompson and this is my hiking Web site. I love the trail and I hope to share some of my favorite trails with you in these pages. This site will also present hikes from others, maybe even some from you. If you have a favorite hike send me your review and some pictures and Iíll try to post them for others to see.

Good to see another in the hiking blog fold. Note to other would-be hiking bloggers: a good way to get attention for your blog is to say nice things about other people’s:

Two-Heel Drive

Tom Manganís Two-Heel Drive hiking blog is a must read for those that live in the Bay area of California or that are planning a trip to the region. Tomís writing style is easy to read and draws you in and keeps you. His blog is a little bit like those potato chips ñ you can read just one post.

For a blogger, it’s “nobody can post just one.”