One of the biggest pluses of my redesign is the addition of a comments feed so all you RSS readers don’t have to be troubled with the extra clicks required to see what folks beside me are saying around here. Here’s an idea of what you missed last week (in reverse order):

Wade from on the prospects for making money online:

Decent money can be made with internet advertising, provided you have 1.) a large target audience, 2.) useful & insightful content/ or applications, and 3.) high CPC keywords. In other words, it works for “commercial real estate,” but not for “Georgia hiking,” so listen up all you “Alaskan fishing” writers.

Cynthia Leeder on picturing Henry Coe State Park:

Call me crazy, call me irresponsible, but I think Henry Coe is a beautiful park in its own right and I am out to prove it in pictures. OK, so I am not a great photographer and I don’t have any great pictures yet. The evidence so far is at but give me time and some neat weather and I will!

Gambolin’ Man on great BLM hikes:

Following Hole in the Walll Road in Utah’s Escalante Staircase area, hiking Harris Wash / Hurricane Wash to Coyote Gulch / Escalante River is just fantastic! The first parts are through BLM land. Rugged, pristine, dispersed hiking and camping. . . Later, you enter into more restrictive but nonetheless wilder zones of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Seth Adams of on his most recent hike:

… my last hike was two weeks ago, when I shredded my little toes in Grand Canyon (it’s a local affectation, they leave out the “the”). Rim to river to rim–15 miles down South Kaibab and back up Bright Angel in 9 hours. Perfect weather for it. Very reminiscent of my July midnight Half Dome climb except that the second half was the hard part.

Walter Underwood on keeping it green in camp:

Some very dedicated researchers revisited catholes and found the human waste very well-preserved after three years. This tidbit is from the short but excellent book “Leave No Trace: A Guide to the New Wilderness Etiquette”, page 58. Buy it here, or read that page on Google Books.

Rick Deutsch summarized a court hearing regarding controlling crowds on the Half Dome route:

I obtained the audio of the 9th district court hearing on the 28th. I’ve listened to it several times and took copious notes. I summarized it on my blog…see

David of wrote about (and linked to) a nice hike he did at Yosemite on the day after Thanksgiving.

My last hike was a 10.4-mile day hike to Dewey, Crocker, and Stanford Points in Yosemite on Black Friday. The weather was beautiful and so were the views. A trip report with photos can be found here:

Sarah of talked about a nice GPS replacement for her pedometer:

I tossed my pedometer last year when I got a Garmin Foretrex 201 GPS unit. Small, I wear it watch style. Cool thing is it shows an accurate reading of how far I walk or hike. It does suck sometimes, if there are high voltage power lines or deep woods, but for being small and affordable…it is good.

So, those are the highlights — as always, I’m not the only one contributing content to Two-Heel Drive. All you lurkers waiting for your moment (I’m sure there are at least 12 of you) … how about showing yourselves and saying hello to all your hiking cronies.