Update: Search suspended, pending new developments.

Veronica Ruiz has been missing since Monday, when she told a friend she was going hiking but didn’t say where. A search at Mount Tam was to resume this morning — note they don’t even know if she actually went there. The Marin-Independent Journal has a few telling details.

Veronica Ruiz, 25, didn’t report for work Monday at the San Rafael office of the Internal Revenue Service where she conducted criminal tax investigations. She hadn’t been heard from since about 2 p.m. Monday; she was reported missing by friends about 10 p.m. Monday.

IRS Special Agent Scott O’Briant said Ruiz was authorized to carry a firearm during the course of her investigative work, but he did not know whether she had the department-issued weapon with her.

“Right now, our primary concern is to locate her and bring her back safely,” O’Briant said. He said there is “no indication” her disappearance is related to her work.

O’Briant said Ruiz had worked for the IRS for nearly two years and had recently become despondent over a breakup with her boyfriend.

Agents searched the Mill Valley apartment where the couple lived, recovered the keys to her department vehicle but were unable to locate her handgun.

So, not the usual “hiker lost” story, apparently. This craigslist posting has contact info.