It’s still happening on Super Sunday. Gambolin’ Man wants to come along but he may have to bike it, as his ankle’s been nagging him lately.

So Far Dan Mitchell and Tom Clifton also want to come. Which means: three graying white guys with cameras; don’t expect us to move fast.

TC asked me about car-pooling. Here’s my plan: Meet at the Mercury News Parking lot (750 Ridder Park Drive, it’s the lot on the west side closest to I-880) at 9 a.m. Sunday and head down from there.

If you want to come along, we’ll be at the park headquarters around 10 a.m. Can’t imagine being out there more than four hours. Likely route: Up to Ponderosa Trail, stop by Coe Monument for pictures, down Hobbs Road to Frog Lake and loop back from there on a trail of our choosing. If we’re feeling lazy we might just return on Flat Frog Trail.

Reply in the comments if you want to come along.