Isn’t it about time you stepped up and got in on the fun? You don’t have to have your own blog or podcast — you don’t even have to be much of a hiker (I’m living proof of that).

It’s not like you have to fear shaming yourself in front of a huge audience. My business plan — that someday your employers will pay me to stop posting so you can get back to work — has taken longer than expected to implement, which means we have a core of about 50 people at most who come by every day, plus a few dozen more who stop by now and then just to make sure I’m not recommending hiking on the Gaza Strip dressed as a rabbi.

So if you haven’t posted before, now’s your chance. Remember, when Two Heel Drive becomes a global enterprise with billions, you can tell all your friends you were among the elite back in the day, when everything was much better till wealth and fame went to my head.