I’ve added a list of small companies that build cool gear way down on my right-hand rail. It’s not like this is really free advertising because these links generate about three clicks a century — they’re really just there so I can find them if I need to check out the latest Pepsi-can stove designs. Well, they’re also there to give props to all the guys and gals who make stuff in their garage and sell it online. Usually if you send an e-mail you talk directly to the CEO, which is much cooler than dashing off a note to, say, the director of Marmot, who will never see your words in a thousand years. So, here goes:

Please drop a note in the comments if any of your faves are missing.

Also, mad props to Sam H. — This list expands on one at his site (yes, I cribbed the format and some of his verbiage because it was just so damned concise; I like that kind of thing).