I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seethed in impotent rage at having to put up with large Ponderosa pines blocking my inalienable right to soak up all there is to see at Yosemite’s Tunnel View. Finally, this crime against humanity has been corrected, Yosemite blog reports:

I wish I could have been at Tunnel View today to photograph the historic moment, but I wasn’t. They cut three large ponderosa pines down that have been blocking the view for many years.

All that is left are the stumps, and for now, the lingering scent of pine sap.

Those old behemoths were handsome in their own way, yes, but my gods, the view now is stunning. I made a point of taking a picture from each block along the low wall.

Finally these insidious, intemperate pines have been moved to a better place: the woodpile!

From my archives, an example of these trees’ insufferable habits before common sense and chainsaw took over:

Tunnel view trees

I have only one thing to say to these trees: How dare they?