This site has a wealth of handy info. What it’s about:

Survival Topics strives to be a hands-on survival skills website. Rather than just write up the same old stuff you find copied from books and other websites, we actually go out and do it. This hands-on survival information is then posted online as a guide that you can learn from and try yourself.

The survival techniques and ideas on these pages provide real world examples of how to survive in a wide variety of situations and environments. Chock full of tips, tricks, and methods, Survival Topics provides anyone from novice to expert with valuable survival information that they can put to good use.

One I hadn’t seen before: The Rule of Sevens:

  • 7 Wilderness Survival Problems:
    • Cold and Heat
    • Thirst
    • Hunger
    • Fatigue
    • Boredom and Loneliness
    • Fear and anxiety
    • Pain and Injury
  • 7 Wilderness Survival Skills:
    • Fire Starting
    • Shelter Building
    • Water Procurement
    • Foraging for food
    • Signaling
    • First Aid
    • Self Defense

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