Those sexy peregrine falcons have been at it again, judging from the webcam high on a ledge of the San Jose City Hall, where the happy couple are warming four eggs (“they look like little red potatoes,” Melissa exclaims) for a mid- to late April hatching. (Here’s an alternate link if the first video feed doesn’t work).

The big news on the falcon front is that Clara has a new paramour dubbed Carlos. Apparently there was a quite a scrap for Clara’s tender affections and Jose, the male lead of last spring’s drama, was sent in search of other female companionship. Carlos might be the baddest bird in three counties but right now he’s doing the ultimate manly duty: keeping the eggs warm while Clara fetches breakfast.

More falcon drama at the Yahoo discussion group devoted to San Jose’s avian stars. Here’s the new guy:

Don’t be discouraged if you see what appears to be a bird sitting there doing nothing. They fidget every few minutes and inevitably offer glimpses of their eggs.

(Say goodbye to productivity at City Hall; not that there ever was any to begin with).

Hat tip to Rick at Hike Half Dome for reminding me to post this.