I love it when a blog confirms my prejudices, such as this one: Stuff White People Like, whose ninth post is “Making you feel bad about not going outside.”

White people love to be outside. But not everyone knows that another thing they like to do is make people feel bad for wanting to watch sports on TV or play videogames. While it would be easy to get angry at white people for this, remember it is hard wired in their head that the greatest thing a person can do in their free time is to hike/walk/bike outdoors.

Usually, they will see that you are preparing to enjoy your life and they will say “hey, lets go for a hike in the park,” and most people will say “hey, thanks but I’ve been working all week and I’m really excited about watching this game,” and then they will respond “don’t be a lump on the couch, you’re wasting your life away, etc…” If you ignore them, they will eventually go away.

I’ve said gazillion times that the reason for the galling lack of diversity in the outdoors is perhaps that people of different melanin counts have better things to do with their time.

One thing this white guy doesn’t like: when amusing brain candy such as “Stuff White People Like” gets 25 million hits while earnest, hardworking hiking blogs are lucky if their mom and dad read them. But at least I’m not imposing my hiking habit on anybody.

(Update: the author of Stuff White People Like is a white guy from Toronto.)