(There used to be a poll here asking people how far they preferred to hike, but I took it down because it seemed to be causing system difficulties. I’m leaving the text intact because the questions generated interesting feedback).

I’m conflicted on this one, because there are times when it seems like it’s too much trouble to suit up and drive to a trailhead for a hike of less than five miles, but there are tons of great little walks in the 2- to 3-mile range.

For awhile I figured it wasn’t really a hike unless I logged 12 or 14 miles. Then I started writing a column about hikes and being out there all day started feeling like work instead of recreation. And since most of my hikes include the time spent editing down photos and writing my weekly essays, hiking for seven hours and adding a few more to tell about the experience starts seeming like even more of a chore.

So I’m drifting back to preferring hikes in the 5- to 8-mile range, with the occasional butt-kicker thrown in there just to punish my lower extremities (because the good deed of allowing me to walk upright cannot go unpunished).

So anyway, click on your fave distance and explain yourself in the comments if the urge hits.

(Editor’s note: 30 people voted in the last poll .. which was better than 29, but still: humor me, play along and vote already. It’s just one click.)