Saw this on Craigslist yesterday:

Senior editor position:

Wilderness Press is looking for a seasoned in-house editor to hit the ground running in this full-time position. The ideal candidate will have top-notch editorial skills and experience project managing a book from raw manuscript to printer-ready files, as well as an excellent sense of how the titles fit with the company’s larger objectives. The ability to prioritize is essential. Skills and interests in acquisitions and sales and marketing are desirable. Personal knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject areas we publish, including hiking, backpacking, and outdoor adventuring, is important. The editor will report to the Associate Publisher and be a key member of the production team.

Yes, I asked: two and a half years of hiking-blogging don’t qualify: they need somebody with actual books to their credit. Not much like putting out newspaper sections, unfortunately.

But I figure if somebody who reads this blog knows somebody who knows somebody who’s done this kinda work, posting this might be a favor WP might repay when I decide to pen my masterpiece.

And if not, well, WP is Berkeley-based and has helped a bunch of local authors get their books published, so they deserve a little free publicity.