On a lark I created a Google alert for “Henry Coe” the other day, and it’s unearthed another gem: this one from a guy who calls his blog “Wondering Vet” (Vietnam, not veterinary school). He just got home from a five-day outing at Coe:

I’m drawn to the backcountry by the fishing and the physical challenge; however, while there I appreciate the quiet and peaceful setting. The park consists of rolling hills with oak forests, chaparral, manzenita, and other dry country vegetation. Some of the steep protected canyons are lush with green flowering trees. This time of the year the grasses that cover the hill are dry, although there are a few wild flowers. The golden poppies are obvious and beautiful in this dry terrain. About two-thirds of trails and roads that I covered the are steep, some reaching fifteen to twenty percent or more. Some of roads and trails, especially along dry Orestimba Creek, are comfortable and flat. The steep trails present some challenging hiking that equate in difficulty to those in Sierra Nevadas. Most of the park is semi-desolate. I love the place.

He’s also a philosopher/poet (we seem to get a lot of that in Northern California). In any case, it’s cool to find yet another who appreciates the charms of Henry Coe.