This map shows where millions of dollars would be spent if a parks measure passes. Among the highlights:

  • $5 million for Sunol Wilderness.
  • $8.1 million for Coyote Hills Regional Park
  • $8.3 million for Las Trampas Wilderness
  • $4.5 million for Black Diamond Mines

Also: a bunch of regional trail work including an intriguing Calaveras Ridge Trail from Sunol to Las Trampas.

More on the parks measure:

On July 1 the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors took the first official step to place a proposition on the November 4 ballot to extend a bond measure passed in 1988 without raising the present property tax rates above the present rate of $10 per year, per $100,000. A final vote will occur at the board meeting on July 15.

If approved by the voters, this $500 million extension will be used to continue to restore urban creeks; to protect wildlife; purchase and save open space, wetlands, and bay shoreline; and to acquire, develop and improve local and regional parks, trails, and recreational facilities.

Of the $500 million, $375 million of the revenue (75%) will fund regional park acquisitions and capital projects, with $26.2 million (7%) of that amount held in reserve for unanticipated future needs and opportunities.

I wonder: with $500 mil. on hand, perhaps they’ll be able to afford getting rid of the cows.

Thanks to Ann L. for the link.