The park in the Oakland Hills is announcing this trail closure:

Redwood Regional Park Trail Segment Temporarily Closed for a Hazardous Tree and Fuel Mitigation Project

Beginning Tuesday, July 15, the East Bay Regional Park District will begin a hazardous tree and fuel mitigation project at Redwood Regional Park. This project will last until mid-September.

Approximately one mile of the East Ridge Trail from Skyline Gate to Prince Trail will be closed, as will the Phillips’ Loop and Eucalyptus Trail. To minimize the impact on park users, these closures will occur only during project work hours which are 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday. The trails will be open during the weekends and before 8am and after 5pm during the week.

The purpose of the project is to thin aging Monterey pine and eucalyptus trees that grow along the trail to create a safer and healthier forest environment. In addition, the thinning of weak and older trees will provide a safer path for park users, enhance fire protection, and improve growing conditions for native plants. Because of the age of the trees and density of the forest, incidents of falling trees, branches, and dead material have been increasing. Falling debris is hazardous to park users and results in a greater fuel load which would be dangerous in a wildfire. This section of trail is popular for hikers, runners, dog walkers, cyclists, equestrians and children on bikes and in strollers. Once finished, the trail will still offer plenty of shade and less debris.

During the project hours, equestrians and hikers may use the Stream and Prince Trails to bypass the project zone. Unfortunately, cyclists will not be able to bypass the project zone and will need to turn around at the junction of East Ridge and Prince trails. The Park District apologizes for the inconvenience and will work as quickly as possible to complete the project.

Hat tip to Isa at the EBRPD.