B-Real down in Orange County created this running tab of hiker misfortune last month, thoughtfully saving me the trouble of doing the same. Just yesterday he scooped the pants off us Bay Area types with this update on a woman plucked from a Mount Tam canyon:

A woman hiking with a friend on Mt. Tam in Northern California lost her footing on a near-vertical slope and tumbled head over heels for 50 feet. The woman, in her 60s, and her friend hiked up the Swede George drainage. After tumbling down, she landed upside down in a tree. She eventually fell out of the tree and onto the bed of a creek. (I think I’ve seen Homer Simpson do the same thing a few times).

The injured hiker’s friend left her and hiked more than 1 ½ hours to get cell phone service to phone for help. More than 30 firefighters, rescue personnel and park rangers were involved in the rescue that took nine hours to complete.

The Marin Independent Journal’s story is here.

No telling how long B-Real can keep up his current blistering pace, but it should be fun to watch till he gets tired out.

(Hat tip: boyandgirlscouts.com … speaking of which, a must for all you Scouting types).