As long as other people are going to the high peaks and writing up their experiences, I feel absolved of the responsibility. Hey, I got married, that’s enough commitment for one life. This morning I found all sorts of evidence of high country wanderings, such as:

Calipidder has posted a bunch of pix from her weekend of four-wheeling and geocaching.

Rebecca also posted a comment referring Mount Whitney hopefuls to Mount Langley, another “easy California Fourteener.” I googled said mount and found this page telling how to get up there. I also stumbled upon this interesting discussion: California Fourteeners, from easiest to hardest. One writer’s assessment of the five easiest:

1. White Mountain – 14 miles RT – Class 1 – ~2000+ feet elevation gain

2. Mt. Langley – ~21 miles RT – Class 1 – ~4000+ feet elevation gain

3. Mt. Whitney – 22 miles RT – Class 1 – ~6000+ feet Elevation gain

4. Mt. Muir – 20 miles RT – Class 3 (from the Main Mt. Whitney Trail) – ~6,000 feet elevation gain

5. Split Mountain – ? miles RT – Class 2/3 – ? elevation gain – North Ridge Route via Red Lake

Speaking of Whitney, here’s a nice write-up about a daring chap going up the Mountaineer’s Route.

The worthy Sierra Descents blog points to another fine blog for big-hill adventurers: Sierra Journal, written by a Bay Area techie.

Don’t worry if the boss busts you scanning these links on the company dime. Just explain how reading about the outdoors reduces your fundamental urge to burn the office down.