Any minute now in Palo Alto, I’m told.

Prior to the press conference, Whitton and Dyer released a few facts about the Bigfoot remains. The animal has reddish-brown hair, gray eyes, is over seven and a half feet tall and weighs over 500 pounds. His footprint was said to be over 2 feet in length and his hands are almost 12 inches long from his palm to the tip of his middle finger. He’s also a male.

Good to know; I’d hate to think what a female sasquatch’s naughty bits look like.

(Original press release here).

This just in: twitter folks say they’re watching the news conference live on CNN. I cannot bring myself to watch, it would bring too much shame on my profession.

How did I miss such a hot story?

UPDATE: Surprise, surprise: Fox News says little is revealed at news conference. Of course if there was a way to blame the limp-wristed liberals who hate America, then they’d have had a real story.

UPDATE II: TechCruch covered the news conference and wrote it up with mock/ironic credulity.