Bruce Schine posted this query to the Hike Reports Page.

Trail in Pescadero Creek County Park that isn’t on any trail map.

Last weekend we intended to do the Brook’s loop including Jones Gulch in Pescadero Creek County Park. After crossing the log bridge on the Jones Gulch trail to the north side we followed a narrow dirt road/trail up the hill. (looking at the guide book afterwards, we should have taken an a right turn after the bridge, but no one in our group noticed a junction; I’ll have to return there to see if it’s obscured by storm damage). At the end of the road/trail was a car gate and just beyond it a sign marking the start of the “Old Toyon Trail” heading to the right. We followed the trail and it terminated on the Ridge trail in Sam Mcdonald County park (above the water tank for the YMCA camp). The trail stayed to the left (west) of Jones Gulch creek; was in good condition except for a few places that could have used a little trail maintenance. There were no signs anywhere along the way saying we were leaving the park boundry or marking private property. Anyone know anything about this trail?

Any Pescadero Creek experts in the house? I’ve only been out there a few times.

(By the way, Ann L. deserves a shout-out for consistently adding new hikes to the page.)