Ron Bloomquist wanders around the Redwood Coast burg of Fort Bragg and takes pictures of the stuff he sees along the way. Ron’s bio:

I’m in my sixties but going on 12 and learning all the time! My blood pressure was up, my cholesterol was up, my weight was up. I didn’t want to start taking pills so I decided to start walking. But I never seemed to get around to it. My friend Suzanne told me her husband Ed gets up first thing in the morning and goes for his walk. No breakfast, just up and out the door. I gave it a try and by golly, she is right! I get up at 6:00 AM and walk for an hour or more each morning. My blood pressure is back where it should be, my cholesterol is back under control and I have lost weight. All for the price of a walk!

The guy’s got major mechanical chops: like every sane owner of a Volkswagen microbus, he wished he had a motor made by a reliable company like, say, Toyota. Unlike the rest, he did something about it: installed a Corolla engine in the hind end of his ’71 Westfalia van. He also painted it like a cow (he sold it in 2001 but it’s still seen on the roads around Fort Bragg.) He also put a Subaru motor in an ’84 VW Westie.

His pix are quite nice too.

You also might enjoy his account of backpacking the High Sierra this past summer.