I know, not much of anything lately. Here’s the deal: as I noted on my personal page the other day, things are looking increasingly grim in the newspaper biz. While I’m not convinced people’s urge to be informed about what’s happening in their towns and neighborhoods has vanished, the financial footing for getting news to them is rapidly eroding. Newspaper readers are getting old and they aren’t being replaced by new generations of newspaper readers. Advertisers know this — the young and foolish are loosest with their cash — so they’ve begun to shun print across the board.

So this is the deal: I have to be very choosy about how I invest my spare time over the next several months. I need to spend the lion’s share of my time figuring out how to make a living if my job goes away.

I love you guys dearly but the only way my time invested in this blog pays off is if every one of you pays me a dollar every time you stop in. Then I’d have to really work on coming up with a stream of good content, and I want this to be fun, not work.

I still plan to go on hikes and post pictures and write-ups when I get home, but I’m not sure how much more than that I’ll be able to do. The good news is that an impressive crop of hiking bloggers has sprung up around the Bay Area in the past few years, so there are ample opportunities to get your hiking-blogging needs fulfilled at other sites.

If you’re curious about the new blog I’m starting, which actually has pay-the-rent potential, click away.