Berry CreekI’ve linked to this site a couple times but never given it the credit it deserves:, which profiles hikes to waterfalls all over the Western United States and Canada. The list for California is impressive — especially because it lets you sort by county to zero in on the closest ones nearby. It doesn’t profile the notorious Murietta Falls, which might be just as well, considering there’s water flowing there about five weeks out of the year and the hike is borderline sadistic.

Waterfall season is winding down around here but it’s getting ready to surge as the snows begin to melt. The biggest challenge at Waterfallswest is settling on where to start.

Incidentally, the pic here is Berry Creek Falls; here’s the Waterfallswest write-up. This was news to me:

The easiest way to get to Berry Creek Falls, actually, is by mountain bike. You can drive to Big Basin Redwoods State Park / Rancho del Oso (at Waddell Beach), located about 18 miles north of Santa Cruz on Hwy #1. Bike up the trail along Waddell Creek from the Rancho del Oso trailhead for 5.2 miles. Then you have to lock up your bike in the provided bike rack and walk the remaining 0.7 miles to the falls. Taking a bike makes the trip to Berry Creek Falls a lot easier.