You know how when you call in to the radio station and ask for a song they were going to play anyway and then they say “this one requested by Cletus from Toadsuck Ferry” … it’s kinda like that only I haven’t sold out to Clear Channel yet. (If they come waving cash at me, I’m so there. The only thing more dangerous than nobody paying me to blog is somebody paying me to put my opinions on the airwaves).

Anyway, say you’re in the North Bay or the East Bay and can’t get out to some park you keep hearing about that might be convenient for me to check out down here in Sil-Valley land. How about sending along a suggestion?

If your hike gets picked you’ll be able to bask in the admiration of your dirt-strolling peers. If not, maybe somebody smarter than me (a very large data set) will take you up on it.