I’ve spent the last few days adding tons of books, DVDs and gear that should earn me a solid $12.97 by year’s end. The subzero correlation between effort and revenue is much like hiking itself, so it’s kinda-sorta appropriate.

My wife suggested I add a “nature” category, which was especially fruitful: who knew there were so many books about the birds, flowers (even butterflies) of the Bay Area? There’s also a book for earthquake tourists.

Here’s how the math works on these sort of “affiliate marketing” schemes: one visitor out of a hundred clicks on a link, and one clicker out of a hundred actually buys something. I’ll be lucky to buy a tank of gas on the income it generates this year. I just thought it’d be cool to gather all this stuff together in one central location because it’s not available anywhere else.

The fact that so many titles of books, maps and other content are devoted to the Bay Area is just one more reminder of why it’s so great to live here. So check it out and thank your lucky stars for this region of ours.