This rather lurid report from the local NBC affiliate has the most details on the passing of hiker Linda Fradkin, 57, of San Mateo, who died yesterday at Santa Theresa County Park. Condolences to her family and friends.

If you knew her, you can leave an online tribute at

I can’t resist the urge to spank my TV news brethren for the teaser on this story. Was she looking for love? Did her companions abandon her on a mountain peak? Don’t let the absence of facts get in the way of a sexy teaser. All they knew is that she met up with some folks from Table for Six Adventures, which is a matchmaking service, but she had been a member for four years, which suggests she could just have just as easily been looking for able hiking partners as for potential paramours. As anybody who’s been to Santa Teresa County Park knows, it has a few hills and maybe 700 feet of climb, but it’s not a mountain by any stretch. And Ms. Fradkin decided to hike on alone, most likely because the rest of the group had its fill of the heat and bailed. Granted, we weren’t there either but sounds like it was her call.

Must’ve been an off day. Usually NBC-11 is the cream of the crop for local TV news, especially for fire coverage.