Mountain Hardwear Logo

In my quest to continue providing gear deal scans that will never yield one thin dime of income (I know what you’re thinking: cosmic justice!), I added one for Mountain Hardwear this morning. I figured since they’re based up in Richmond I’ve at least got a local angle. But after I had it all set up I found myself wondering: do typical hiker types of our ilk actually own any of this stuff?

I mean, sure, if you’re planning to climb K2 next year you might want to comb through their catalog, but how many people who haunt the trails in these parts have Seven Summits aspirations?

Mountain Hardwear’s Facebook page has over 4,800 fans, so they must be doing something right (or selling something right). Their blog features the usual heroic ascents and hair-raising expeditions — I know, that stuff sells parkas; it just bores me (the heroism is cool; the stamping-your-brand-on-Everest bit is tedious).

But anyway: do you own any MH gear, and what do you think of it? Worth the premium prices? Anything you’re lusting after? I’d like to think the efforts of our friends at the Richmond HQ are worthwhile to the outdoorspeople who spend more time here than in the Himalayas.

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