We’re trying an experiment at our house in which we have no television (we can watch Netflix movies on demand, but that’s it).

This means no chance for me to share my incisive insights (which is more difficult than you might imagine, as my family shares a genetic quirk in which some of us lack certain upper incisors … this is all I will ever reveal about my teeth, I promise!)

So please plug in some comments and let me know how it’s going. I felt like I got the idea after viewing a bunch of videos last week, but I’m interested in everybody else’s thoughts. Of course the cynics might complain that there is nothing remotely controversial about the splendor of our national parks and our collective wisdom in having built them, so PBS doesn’t exactly earn Silver Stars for distinguished bravery in airing this series. (Generally, though, the cynics need to get a life).

Anyway, share your thoughts with the class if you’ve got a minute.