Basically there’s Danny Bernstein’s This Hiking Life and all the rest. Danny (short for Danielle) posts live from the Smokies most days. It isn’t all elk sex in front of God and everyone, but it’s almost always about great places to walk on dirt.

More fine blogs:

  • Smoky Scout — Owned by a Girl Scout leader who hiked over 1,000 miles of trail at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The other day she took her book club to Linville Gorge. “Fortunately they were too breathless to curse me before they saw the view, and then all was forgiven. “
  • Postcards from the Smokies: Lots of great photography. More of a travel blog than a hiking blog, but the best way to see the best parts of the Carolinas is on foot (an observation thankfully lost on the Wright Brothers, whose Kitty Hawk exploits are engraved into the state’s license plates.)
  • Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog. Newsiest of the bunch — currently reporting where the fall colors are peaking. Go-to site for trail and road closings.
  • NC Lookouts: Some folks make a habit of hiking to the state’s forest lookout towers. The blog represents the North Carolina Chapter of the Forest Fire Lookout Association; author is Peter J. Barr, who penned a book on forest tower hikes in North Carolina.
  • Old Dan Walking: More Smokies treks from a techie guy who provides in-depth descriptions of his hikes, but also thoughtfully provides links to the pictures for those too busy to read.

I’ll ad more as I find them. I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Add your faves in the comments.