We’ve had two blizzards this year, the most recent arriving last weekend. Each produced a blanket of snow no more than 6 inches deep, which sounds like a pittance to those in colder latitudes but is plenty enough to paralyze travel in the north-central region of North Carolina.

Deciding to travel in this kind of weather poses an ethical dilemma — as much as I’d love to be the first one digging my car out of the lot and heading out to document the winter wonders, our region isn’t really equipped to handle a lot of traffic when the weather gets icy and the roads get slippery. “Don’t travel if you don’t have to” is the mantra from The Authorities, which also provides a convenient excuse to stay indoors.

My resolve to do my civic duty and stay indoors lasted through last weekend, when I simply could no longer bear the idea of staying inside when everything outside was coated in snow. I ventured as far as Salem Lake Park, which was suitably frosted for the occasion. A couple snapshots:

Snow, Salem Lake

Snow lines the trees and shore alike.

Snow, Salem Lake, North Carolina

Shoreline reflections.

Anyway, I had to demonstrate that I haven’t been completely shirking my responsibility to venture outdoors and report back here. Tomorrow’s moral quandary: it’ll be sunny and pleasant, but the trails will be muddy as all get-out from the melting snow. Hmm.