The gang at has a new feature for all us GPS geeks: Destinations — which gather all the EveryTrail trips for a specific geographic region into a single page.

The new stuff refines the Guides project that Trailspotting and I contributed to — it subtracts much of the effort required to write a guide, adds social-networking features, appoints “Gurus” (whoever’s visited the destination most often) and lets users appoint themselves “rangers” to watch over the destinations, which other users can edit.

Several Bay Area locales have active Destinations. A small sampling to give you an idea how it works:

I created a couple local destinations:

Just so we’re all clear: I was paid for my contributions to the Guides section, but I didn’t get a dime for my Destinations. I added a few because it was quick and easy, hallmark of a handy Web resource.

Incidentally, I learned last week that EveryTrail’s parent company scored a cool $1 million in venture capital funding back in December, a sign that people with big bucks are starting to like what they see there (which has pluses and minuses, as the recent stock market crash reminds us).