No hikes this weekend, but the itch to blog must be scratched (hard to believe there’s any epidermis left after all these years, but I digress). Lately I’ve been seeing a burst of comments my hike posts, many from North Carolina hikers. For instance:

  • Silver Fox and Bullfrog: Notable because it’s a father-and-son hiking blog, and because the son is just five years old. Of course as anyone who’s ever witnessed the energy output of the average five-year-old boy knows, this is a prime age for an introduction to hiking. A couple weeks back they hiked eight miles with over a thousand feet of elevation gain.
  • The Trailmarker: Lance Milks, who lives down the road in Greensboro, blogs about ultralight backpacking and fly fishing. If you’re into large steelhead trout, check out his video of some beasts he and his father reeled in a few months back.
  • Adventurous Living: Blogger Diane is into living dangerously in all the fun ways — skydiving, running rapids, zip-lining. I’m guessing her most fervent wish is Southwest Airlines will move into space travel tourism.
  • Adventuroo; Melissa in Raleigh has two boys — a 3-year-old and a soon-to-be toddler — and a hubby who shares her urge to hit the trail. Don’t miss her account of the first outing with three-month-old Little Roo.

More from the comments:

  • Adayak Blog: Lots of great links and outdoor info from Dave the Organic T-Shirt Guy. Dave is based in Florida but knows his way around the Southern Appalachians. Unlike so many so-called Internet entrepreneurs who seem to have only one goal in mind — tapping the wallets of gear buyers — Dave is using his blog to point to cool stuff he’s found online and to post original content like this interview with Adventure Blogger Kraig Becker. (Check out Dave’s Blue Alpine blog for more outdoor-related stuff)
  • Gambolin Man on Big Basin biking. I’m posting because GM mentioned this awhile back and it always seemed like a great way to check out the waterfalls at Big Basin Redwoods State Park without having to walk 10 miles. And you start/finish at the ocean, a nice bonus.
  • Little Po is leading treks in China these days. I love the fact that most of her comments are typed in Chinese (and the fact that she has climbed mountains and scaled rocks that I would never dare to try — “Little” does not describe her appetite for adventure.
  • My Favorite Hikes: Ken Shoufer has a bunch of Southern California hikes here, plus gear reviews and other hiking-related info.

That’s enough for now I suppose. Don’t hate me if I missed your blog.