It must be time for Web 4.0 by now because I’ve finally gotten around to Web 2.0, where earnest Web publishers integrate tools such as Twitter and Facebook into their sites because, you know, everybody else is.

Twitter icon FacebookActually, though, lately I’ve missed the fun of posting links to the cool stuff I find in my travels, and I’ve figured out I can post a link to Two-Heel Drive’s Facebook page — URL, photo, video, introductory paragraph and essential snarky remarks — in about one-tenth of the time it takes to post them here. I also linked m FB pages to my Twitter feed so I can kill two birds with one tweet (yeah, I’m the 14,572nd person to say that).

I’ve also added a plug-in that inserts my Twitter posts onto my homepage (see “Two-Heel Tweets” at right). And I’ve added big fancy icons so it’s easy to find all this social-networking swellness.

I now have hundreds of sources for links, news, tips and all-around coolness, and it’s so damn easy these days to post updates on Facebook and flow them back here via tweets that I have no excuse not to. And even if I get lazy, my tweetspapers (Morning Gear Update and Afternoon Hiking/Outdoors Update) will be busily gathering links as well.

(Good thing Facebook hasn’t gone public yet — the fact that I’m catching on would be irrefutable evidence that the stock was about to tank).