As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on hiking in the heat, how about y’all passing along where you’d hike this weekend if it were up to you.

And consider this a challenge to all you lurkers in RSS feed land (we love you madly by the way.. .did you know Two-Heel Drive has amassed nearly 6,000 RSS subscriptions over the past six years?) to take a moment and add a comment. It won’t give you the flu, you know.

In North Carolina, about the only place to catch a break from the heat is atop one of our peaks above 5,000 feet. Grandfather Mountain and Mount Mitchell spring to mind. Just get your hiking done before the afternoon thunderstorms roll in.

But to get back to spirit of my opening sentence: where would you go in a perfect world free of impediments — if Scotty could beam you to the trailhead? Typing that makes me think a hike on Mars would utterly kick ass, but let’s confine it to this planet before Patagonia comes out with a tunic that color-coordinates with the Martian surface.

To get everybody in the mood, here’s a pic I took at Zion National Park a few summers back.

A picture taken at Zion National Park