Driving in the pitch-black predawn and arriving at the trailhead just at daylight starts to take over is the next best thing to camping in the wilderness. (Better, actually, if sleep eludes you in a tent on the ground).

The best days, of course, are when you can see the sky with its array of oranges, purples, reds, yellows, and clouds absorbing all these shades in one hue or another.

Skies over Lake Townsend

This is a nice example of the view over Lake Townsend in the Greensboro Watershed. I got there just in time for some perfect light on Sunday morning. My trail report of the hike is at Trail Sherpa.

It isn’t only about the colors. It’s also about the critters. I’ll never forget the time I was on a trail at the park across the road when I heard a hellacious commotion coming right toward me. First I saw a little red fox hauling ass through the woods, and about a second later I saw a full-size doe barreling down on him. Guess he got to cozy with her babies or something.

In a blink they were gone into the timber.

Got any great morning stories to relate? Please leave a comment.

(By the way if you missed the link above, I hiked 12.5 miles and brought home a few cool shots. See my foray to the Osprey Trail and Townsend Trail on the Greensboro Watershed.)