If you ever wondered about Bob’s regular-guy cred, well, he reads this blog every day but I had to read about him winning this award from That Other Tom at the Chronicle.

On the visor of my truck, a postcard-size photo faces me everywhere I go. It is the silhouette of a man in a wheelchair, heading up a mountain trail. Refracted light from a setting sun creates a halo effect over the man.

He is Bob Coomber of Livermore. In the picture, he is only 10 feet away from being the first wheelchair hiker to summit 14,246-foot White Mountain east of Bishop.

That photo is one of the most inspirational visions I’ve seen.

Boy, you’d almost think ol’ Tom was along on that hike, eh?

The prize is called the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Community Leadership Award. Congrats, Bob.

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