From the Hartford Courant:

Barber, 38, reportedly was hiking through the park when she felt the urge to do a little rock climbing.

Halfway up the rocks, Barber got in a jam. As one who doesn’t like heights, I can imagine her fear – scared to go up, scared to come down, scared to move.

Stuck. Fortunately, she could move her fingers just enough to use her cellphone. She dialed 911 and New Haven’s fire department rescue crew came. It took awhile for the rescue folks to get her down, using all kinds of equipment. Two of the rescuers received citations last week, with others who were involved reportedly expected to get citations later.

Meanwhile, Barber was given a $6,000 fine and charged with reckless endangerment for putting the rescuers in jeopardy.

I can see the temptation to recover the cost of a rescue, but I can’t help thinking somebody might take one risk too many to avoid getting touched for six grand.