Remember Your Paths started showing up in my referrer logs the other day and within hours a comment by Becklund, its author, showed up here. We can say that this blog has officially arrived because it inspired an extended rant over at GoBlog, which as we all know has a businsess plan built around manufacturers and their marketing departments paying millions not to be mentioned on the blog. Sure, it’s a protection racket but hey, have you bought any car insurance lately?

I’ll be the first to admit that three posts do not a blog make, but Becklund shows promise because a) the first post nit-picks arcane details of a snazzy new Mountain Hardwear backpack; b) the second post has a first aid kit with both tampons and condoms (both dual-use items!); and c) the third shows that Becklund has gone over to the Lightweight Side. These are just about all I need to know about a blogger/camper/hiker. (I could have higher standards, but that would require me to insist that Jonathan start using capital letters; I won’t impose that on anybody unless I’m getting paid for it.).

I was rooting for the possibility that Becklund was a contraction for Brit Ecklund — it has the ring of a ’70s screen queen — till I learned that Rodders’ old gal-pal spelled her last name Ekland. Come to think of it, I’d probably have my name changed legally to avoid people thinking I had anything to do with the existence of “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy.”