Robin Grapa’s latest “Our Hike” entry (700-plus miles and counting) mentioned a meet-up with a reporter and photographer from the Gazette of Chillicothe, Ohio, so I looked up the paper and found the story about their travels. You may recall that Robin’s in remission from a rare blood disorder that nearly killed her a few years back; the point of the hike is to raise a million bucks for aplastic anemia research.

Patty can remember when her daughter was in the hospital and she made a deal with God. She prayed and promised God “if He just gave me one more day with her, I’d do whatever,” Patty said.

That’s the great thing about moms, they can always be counted on to put in a Good Word when it really counts. And do cool things like strap on a pack hike across the continent (at least on the trail she knows you’ll obey orders to clean up your room).

Oh, and speaking of the fundraiser: just like their hike, they’ve got a long way to go. Latest tally was $82,842 (not counting the generosity of the good folks of Chillicothe, I’d imagine).

I realize that for some of you hardened, cynical internet-junkie types, Robin’s chirpy, relentlessy upbeat posts might seem like too much sugar in your morning coffee. Well, too bad. I’m posting for the same reason all those small-town papers are writing about her: it’s a good story.