He’s back in Baghdad. From his homepage at hikinghq.net

I am alive and working hard here at Camp Justice Iraq. Things here are going as well as they can. Hope everything is going fine for you back in the land of the Big PX.

Just to let you know, the quality of life for the troops here in Baghdad is way better than when I left. I have an air-conditioned trailer with an Internet connection that I can use when I do have some time off. We have real showers, flush toilets, three hot meals a day in the dinning facility, and the PX on some posts are almost as big as a small Wal-Mart. For you that have been offering to send stuff, I would hate to have you spend money on me and then the high postage to send something that I can probably get here. About all I miss is family, whiskey, trail time, trail maintenance, smoked pork, and rare steak. Unless you know how to get some of those things to me through the mail, please don’t kill yourself trying to send me something.

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