A story about those guys who make down quilts for hammock camping:

Convinced that there had to be a better way to hike, the two Jacks began experimenting with lightweight equipment that still kept campers warm. With a sewing machine and a few ideas, Myers and Tier created down quilts from scratch in Tier’s Williamsburg home.

Now, after three years in business, Jacks ‘R’ Better is making a name for itself over the world. Backpackinglight.com, acclaimed by the Los Angeles Times as “home to one of the most fanatic pound-shedders on the planet,” has featured several of Jacks ‘R’ Better products.

The Jacks have sold their products to hikers in eight countries and 39 states, and sales continue to increase.

“We’re on target to sell double what we sold last year,” Myers said. “We can’t keep up with the demand.”

Any hammock campers out there want to make the case for/against sleeping in a sling? Don’t recall that we’ve discussed it much around around here.